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The Power of Problem-Solving: Your Path to Academic Excellence and Future Triumph


“If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.” – This quote was made by one of the greatest physicists of the century, Albert Einstein. Modern life comes with a modern set of problems, which often makes us overwhelmed trying to solve them. Often, it becomes too much, and we try to avoid them whenever possible. 


The art of solving problems is a must-have skill in today’s life. Not only is it necessary in the workplace, but also to maintain a stress-free healthy life. The technical approach to problem-solving involves the following stages:


Identifying the problem is the very first step: Most of the time, due to lack of proper identification, we waste most of our time and energy without knowing what exactly we are trying to solve. 


Strategy building: In this stage, an individual or a group is involved in brainstorming, bringing out the best strategy to produce the right solution. This stage involves detailed planning, keeping in mind different constraints and alternative strategy paths. 


Execution & Timeline Actual execution of solution development begins at this stage, and we also get an idea of the time it might take to solve our problem at hand. 


Measurement: The final stage is a measurement of the solution and how it deals with our problem. 


Though these skills are practised regularly in corporate and industrial environments, the necessity of having the ability helps in any stage of life.

How many students have we seen struggling to manage time for their assignments and co-curricular activities? Oftentimes, our children become so overwhelmed with their schedules that they forget to enjoy learning new things. Being a busy parent, these things may go unnoticed and sometimes until it’s too late. 


Training students with proper problem-solving skills would give them the courage to challenge the problem and use their creativity to develop the right solution. This, in turn, will give them a confident personality and a positive attitude towards life and, above all, make them ready to embrace the future. Since these skills are not taught in regular classes in schools, students of different ages need a different curriculum and method of teaching. SpythaR offers specially designed courses for school students trained by expert teachers with experience and expertise in teaching students courses off their regular curriculum. We take pride in skilling up thousands of students who are now ahead of the herd and confident enough to challenge the future. Our mission is to provide each student with the thinking tools needed to meet any challenge successfully and build a lifetime of achievement.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Acquire the skill to efficiently identify problems, saving time and energy by addressing issues at their root cause.
  • Learn the art of strategic problem-solving through effective brainstorming, meticulous planning, and considering alternative strategies to find optimal solutions.
  • Develop the ability to execute solutions with precision, gaining insights into time management to efficiently navigate problem-solving processes.
  • Hone the skills required to measure the effectiveness of solutions, ensuring a thorough evaluation of outcomes and adapting strategies for continuous improvement.

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