Your Guide to SpythaR's Educational Service Agreement

At SpythaR, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy and personal information of our valued students and their families. As a provider of educational and future development courses for high school students, we understand the importance of confidentiality and security in handling the sensitive information of young individuals who are at a pivotal stage of their academic and personal growth.

This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, disclose, and protect the personal information of our students and website visitors. It applies to all personal data collected by us, whether it’s gathered through our website, during course enrollment, or as part of our educational services. Our goal is to be transparent about our data practices and to ensure that your privacy is respected and protected at every step.

We encourage you to read this policy carefully to understand our approach to data privacy and your rights regarding your personal information. By accessing our services and website, you agree to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please do not hesitate to contact us.

SpythaR is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations regarding data protection and privacy. We continually update our policies and practices to reflect any changes in these laws and in the needs of our students and community.

1. Accounts

To participate in our platform’s activities, including accessing content, you must create an account. It’s crucial to provide accurate, complete information during account setup and maintenance, including a valid email address. You bear full responsibility for your account and all associated activities, including any harm or damage caused by unauthorised use of your account. Protecting your password is essential.

Your account is personal to you and should not be transferred or shared with others. If you need access to an account, we will only provide it upon receipt of sufficient proof that you are the rightful owner. In the unfortunate event of a user’s death, we will close their account.

Do not share your login credentials with anyone. You are responsible for all activities under your account. SpythaR does not mediate disputes between users who have shared account details. If you suspect unauthorised use of your account or any security breach, immediately inform our Support Team. We may require specific information to verify your ownership of the account.

2. Pricing

We can offer promotional sales, where select content is discounted for a limited time. The price you pay is determined at the point of purchase (checkout). Note that prices may vary depending on whether you are logged in or not, as some promotions are exclusive to new users.

For logged-in users, prices are displayed in the currency associated with the location provided during account creation. If you’re not logged in, prices will reflect the currency of your current country. We display prices only in local currencies and do not offer conversion options.

For students in regions subject to use and sales tax, goods and services tax, or value added tax, these taxes are handled by us and may be included in the listed price or added at checkout, depending on your location.

3. Payments

The payments we will take will be only after approval of the school and guardians. Under no circumstances will it be taken forcefully or involving any fraudulent means. A receipt for the payment will be given after receipt of the payment. This will act as evidence of payment for both of the involved parties.

4. Refund Policy

At Spythar, our goal is to provide high-quality future development courses to help students succeed. However, if you are unsatisfied with your purchased course, we provide the following refund policy:

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your Spythar course, you may request a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date. Refund requests must be submitted in writing to [write the support mail ID]  with your name, email on file, and order details.

Upon receiving your request, we will process a full refund to your original payment method within 10 business days. Partial refunds are not available. Any bonuses or extra products included with your purchase are not eligible for refund if the main course is downloaded or accessed.

Refunds only apply to the main course purchase and do not include shipping, tax, or any additional expenditures. Refund eligibility also requires that you did not violate our Terms of Use or access intellectual property not intended for individual sale.

Once your refund is processed back to the original payment method, you will also lose access to our course materials and community features. Any certificates earned would be revoked.

If you have any issues starting the course, technical difficulties, or other questions first, please contact our support team. We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction with our future development offerings. We can often resolve concerns quickly at the start versus needing a full refund down the road.

5. Content and Behaviour Rules

SpythaR aims to create a safe, civil learning environment for all. By enrolling, you agree to use course content solely for your education under these rules: 

1) No reposting material without permission; 

2) No harassment or hate speech based on identity; 

3) Supportive, constructive peer discussions; 

4) Proper citations for academic integrity; 

5) No cheating on quizzes or assignments; 

6) Alert our team about potential misuse; 

7) Behaviour violating civil rights law, school district policy, or promoting dangerous/illegal activity is strictly prohibited and may prompt removal and school notification. We reserve the right to moderated forums and revoke access following internal review. We appreciate you embracing community values as we empower your future.

6.  SpythaR’s Rights

All courses, content, and materials provided by Spythar remain the exclusive intellectual property of Spythar and its partners. By enrolling in Spythar courses, students agree not to infringe on the copyright, trademarks, distribution rights, or other IP.

Specifically, students may not:

  • Teachers may take disciplinary actions against a student for showing obscene or indisciplined behaviour. Involvement of guardians will not be permitted.

  • SpythatR authority will not tolerate any criminal act committed by students, and under such circumstances, we may seek help from police and legal authorities.

  • Any act of willful damage to company property will not be tolerated, and students who will make such an act will be solely held responsible.

  • In the event of any damage to company property, the event will be investigated by the company, and the discretion of whether it is wilful or accidental will be made by the company.

  • SpythaR will not be part of any dispute of the host institution, and the institution will be responsible for the resolution of such an event.

  • In the event of any disagreement or dispute with the host institution, it will be attempted to be sorted out through dialogue between the two parties. In case of non-resolution or escalation of the dispute, SpythaR will resort to support from the Police or Legal Authorities.

  • Company’s teacher should not be mistreated/harassed by either students or School authorities. In case of occurrence of such events, SpythaR may resort to Legal Authority for help.

  • Students will not be permitted to leave classes while lectures are on. In case of medical / emergency requirements, Students must obtain the permission of both the School’s Teacher and SpythaR’s Teacher.

  • For results and rewards, SpythaR’s Decision will be final, and any involvement from the School Authority or Guardians will not be entertained.

  • Teachers may take extra classes for students deemed weak in any particular subject. Any involvement of other students, school teachers, or guardians will not be entertained.

  • SpythaR will not be responsible for the explanation of any decision to be made/taken to the guardians.

  • Repost or distribute any course content without written consent

  • Attempt to reverse engineer, copy, modify or alter our training materials and coursework

  • Use automated scraping tools to access the course platform or attempt to interfere with its functionality

  • Access private data systems or areas of the site not intended for student use

  • Spythar reserves the right to revoke course access and notify school administrators if we observe violations of our IP rights or behaviors that contradict our code of conduct. We also employ certain security protocols and access restrictions to protect our proprietary training methods.

While we aim to empower students’ futures, we legally own and protect our curriculum and content through IP laws. We monitor for violations and reserve the right to sanction reuse without consent. Our courses also undergo quality control before release; any feedback provided may be incorporated without obligation to the suggesting party. We request that all enrolled students respect our ownership over provided materials so we can continue offering the life-changing courses students deserve in a sustainable way. Please contact our legal department with any questions about permissible uses or copyright concerns.

7. Subscription Terms

As a student utilising our subscription-based collections (“Subscription Plans”), you are agreeing to additional terms specific to these plans. Please note, SpythaR Business users are governed by separate terms outlined in the agreement between SpythaR and the subscribing organisation, not by these Terms.

Account Management

You can cancel your Spythar course subscription anytime through your account. On cancellation, access will continue to the end of your current billing period then automatically end. Mid-period cancellations cannot receive prorated refunds or account credits for subscription fees already paid, except where required by law. Cancelling does not terminate your student account or data. Only future auto-renewals stop. We aim for full transparency so you can make the best enrollment decisions for your goals, but these are the billing practices around voluntary subscription cancellation after joining one of Spythar’s programs.

Free Trials & Renewals

Spythar may offer select free trials allowing temporary access to certain courses before billing begins. We determine free trial eligibility entirely at our discretion and reserve the right to limit or revoke access if we find you are not eligible. Specific free trial durations are communicated during sign-up.

On the last day of your free trial, we will automatically charge the standard subscription fee to your payment method on file. This subscription will continue renewing on a recurring basis per the chosen billing cycle unless canceled prior to the end of the free trial period. Please see billing details and relevant dates for your specific free trial in your program account settings or contact our support team with any questions.

Payments and Billing

To enrol in Spythar’s courses, students must provide valid payment information that we keep on file. By entering your details, you authorise Spythar and our processor to automatically charge the subscription fees to your stored payment method. This permission continues for subsequent subscription renewals at the end of each billing term.

Specific subscription fees and relevant dates can be accessed through your program account settings. Additional processing fees or taxes may also be added when applicable. Charges are generally non-refundable, with exceptions only as legally required.

If your stored payment details change, you permit SpythaR to update that info with our processor and continue charging your account. Failed payments or reversed charges could result in subscription suspension unless resolved.

We reserve the right to adjust pricing or offerings at our discretion through proper notice. Any voluntary changes you make to your subscription that impacts billing would also only apply at the start of the next applicable term.

Spythar aims to empower students, but we are still a business reliant on the integrity of our billing relationships, payment collection, and fee-for-service model. By providing your payment information and agreeing to these terms during enrollment, you enable us to operate sustainably and continue delivering specialised courses that invest in your future. Please contact our billing department if you have any account questions.

In conclusion, SpythaR’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are designed to provide a safe, respectful, and legal framework for students, guardians, and educators interacting with our services. By accessing and using our platform, you agree to these terms, which protect your personal information, outline account responsibilities, detail payment procedures, and clarify intellectual property rights. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with these policies to ensure a positive and secure experience with SpythaR’s educational offerings.